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" Shapes fascinate me. I search with infinite meticulousness for the keys that govern harmonious shapes. I believe that it resides in a successful layout a kind of magic that confers appeasement, a well-being that resonates to our soul. The nature gives me this feeling that I strive to reproduce in my work. Each line is worked on by being considered in its individuality and in accordance with the whole in which it is part. In this, nature is indeed the absolute Master of aesthetics and harmony of forms. 

Every piece I make is skeletonized by hand. They are first cut with a boc-fil then filed until the final geometry is obtained. Then, I create a bevel with a file that I polish using a succession of buffs and burnishers. These two phases are time-consuming and require a lot of vigilance and perseverance in their execution. After a final phase of decoration (beading, satin-finishing), the pieces are colored and I carry out their assembly, adjustment and casing. They are then ready for delivery.


I will be keen to carry out this work for you and to entrust you with a part of my art. The personalization of your piece (color of the components, color of the bracelet, engraving, etc.) is possible according to your desires. 

Contact me today and let's see what I can do for you. "



Skills and expertise

" My professional watchmaking experience comes exclusively from eleven years spent in a prestigious Swiss watchmaking company based in Le Brassus and for which I have boundless admiration. I was trained there as a practicing watchmaker and then as a movement designer within from the technical office. These training courses were a real revelation for my talent, which was rewarded with numerous prizes and distinctions. "
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Natacha Wagnière, Creator and Founder

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